The Mets will do something to respect Chipper Jones this season

This isn’t a big deal to me, but apparently the Mets will do something at some point during the season to “honor” long-time New York public enemy Chipper Jones, who is retiring from professional baseball after the 2012 season. The story started as a rumor and gained steam when WFAN morning show producer Al Dukes got on the phone with a Mets official, who confirmed that the Mets would be acknowledging Jones’ career.

Tasked with confirming the rumor, Dukes got a Mets official on the phone Thursday morning.

He summed up the chat on air: “It was a conversation that went like this … ‘Will we acknowledge Chipper Jones’ career? Yes we will.’”

The last home game the Mets play versus the Braves this season is on Sunday, September 9.

Of course, WFAN personality (and one of my favorite people to listen to) Craig Carton thought it was a horrible idea and framed it as another reason why the Mets are losers. Over at MetsBlog, Matt Cerrone was also less than thrilled.

If they honor him, put a spotlight on him, and give him something special, all for kicking our collective asses and making us look foolish during the last 15 years, I will be very, very disappointed.

I can’t imagine that the Mets brass would “put a spotlight on him” just so the Queens faithful could boo the crap out of him, so I imagine the acknowledgement will be a lot more subtle. Apparently two years ago, during Bobby Cox’s farewell tour, the Mets gave the longtime Braves skipper a bottle of wine. That doesn’t seem outrageous to me.

Missing from any mention of honoring Jones is how well or poorly Mets heroes have been treated by other clubs. Guys like Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden and Mike Piazza did not retire as Mets, but I wonder if there is an example of an old New York player getting a nice send-off in an opponent’s ballpark.

Regardless, I don’t think this will end up being a big deal in September. Partly because there will be football to talk about and partly because unless the Mets put up Chipper’s number 10 next to Stengel’s 37, there will probably be nothing to get upset about.

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