Mets are getting calls about Bobby Parnell

Over the weekend, Boston Globe writer Nick Cafardo reported that Bobby Parnell is in demand. The 27-year-old right hander has been very effective so far this season and there are a lot of teams out there with injured or just lousy relief pitchers.

Teams are looking to see whether the Mets would deal Bobby Parnell and whether the Royals would give up a good arm such as Jonathan Broxton (though they’d have to receive his permission, since he was signed as a free agent and otherwise couldn’t be moved until after June 15).

Over at The Daily Stache, I wrote about why the Mets should not trade Parnell. Mostly it’s because he’s good and cheap and he still will be on the team in the foreseeable future.

With Parnell, the Mets have a pitcher in his prime who doesn’t hit free agency until 2016. If given a reasonable extension, the Mets can have him on the team for the next five or six years. After Francisco’s contract runs out, he’ll likely be named the team’s closer. With Parnell handling the ninth inning, the Mets would have a decent closer as well as some extra money in their pockets that they wouldn’t have to spend on an expensive free agent closer. That’s as long as Parnell doesn’t get traded this summer.

Head over to the Stache if you want to check out the rest of the article.

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