Mets to wear sweet 1989 throwbacks tonight in San Diego


Check it out! It’s Metro gone retro. The Padres are holding a throwback party, and as their costumes, the Mets are wearing road jerseys from the 1989 season.

Unfortunately, from 1988 through 1992, the Mets wore boring Yankees-style “New York” across their chests on the road. I don’t think anyone in San Diego would be upset if the Mets wore their cool script 1987 roadies instead.

Oh, well. Here’s what the Padres will be wearing:

I’m too young to remember those brown jerseys (humble brag?), so this should be fun. Also, here’s a view of the back of the shirts, courtesy of the Padres official Twitter feed.

Big win by the bay

If you missed it yesterday, the Mets beat up on the Giants 9-1 for their third win in four games in San Francisco. Chris Young pitched really well and lowered his season ERA to 4.22 while Ronny Cedeño matched a career high with five RBI, mostly thanks to a bad play by Melky Cabera.

“See the ball, hit the ball,” Cedeno said of his approach at the plate. “I don’t really think too much, just go out there and hit.”

He’s been surprisingly effective at the plate this season, and he’s starting again versus the lefty Clayton Richard tonight. However, according to Adam Rubin, that might be less about the five RBI and more about Daniel Murphy being banged up. Either way, here’s tonight’s lineup:

The return of Frank Frank

Yes, Frank Francisco is finally returning to the bullpen after being on the disabled list for the past five weeks. Although Francisco’s ERA is 4.97, he sported a more encouraging 1.26 in his last 11 appearances, so he should be welcomed back with open arms.

Francisco is going to take over the closer’s role from Bobby Parnell, which is great news for my fantasy team. Also, we don’t know what the corresponding roster move will be yet. Elvin Ramirez could be sent down, or there’s a chance that someone could hit the DL.

Should be an exciting weekend in San Diego. Also, Johan is on his way back to the rotation!

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