Mets vs. Braves Sunday night finale lineups

It’s almost game time! Before you switch on the Olympic closing ceremony, check out the lineups that the Mets and Braves are using tonight ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Remember, Jon Niese will be pitching for the Mets, and he’s coming off a rough start against the Marlins. Still, Niese has been very good this season, and the Braves are vulnerable to lefties. Of course, that didn’t stop them from teeing off on Santana last night, but that kind of thing can’t happen two nights in a row, right? Hopefully right.

The Braves are starting Ben Sheets, who has been completely awesome since the Braves brought him back from the abyss last month. His 6.47 strikeouts per nine innings this season is very low for him, but he’s only walking 1.97 batters per nine, which has helped him maintain a 1.41 ERA.

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