Mets begin four-game series with Rockies tonight

So Cablevision and whomever owns WPIX got in a big dispute last week and Cablevision ended up pulling the plug on WPIX and replaced it with some “Style” network on channel 11. Bottom line is, I didn’t get to watch the Mets last weekend. Cablevision just got NFL Network (finally!) though, so I can’t hate them too much. The amazing NFL Network outweighs missing the Mets almost win a series in Washington.

Tonight, the Amazins are back in Queens to start a four-game series with the terrible Colorado Rockies. Today, Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson had a meeting and decided to continue pitching Johan Santana this season.

Santana is scheduled to start on Thursday and will be strictly prohibited from throwing over 100 pitches. Good thing the bullpen hasn’t been too awful lately.

Also today, I posted a few paragraphs explaing how surprisingly awesome Ronny Cedeño has been this season. Here’s an excerpt:

Although Cedeño is 29 years old and probably due to regress from this season’s highs, his 2012 hasn’t been incredibly fluky. His .348 BABIP is up there, but it’s not otherworldly. More importantly, Cedeño has bumped his walk rate up to 10.7%. His previous MLB high was 7.6% in 2008. That kind of jump makes you wonder if Cedeño has really improved his approach at the plate after bouncing between the major and minor leagues for the past six years.

I hope the Mets can bring him back next season, but it looks like Cedeño may have played himself into another team’s starting lineup. He’s certainly having a better season than a lot of the other middle infielders who will be free agents this winter.

I had to look up a lot of those names in the Rockies lineup because I was unfamiliar. Wilin Rosario is a guy to watch out for. He’s second on the team with 19 home runs is batting .251/.301/.529 mostly as a catcher. Of course, those numbers are partially inflated by Coors Field, but that will not stop Rosario from getting National League Rookie of the Year consideration this year.

Aaron White is pitching for the Rockies. He came over in the Ubaldo Jiminez trade that just looks awful for Cleveland right now. Well, it would look more awful if White and the other former Indians farmhand Drew Pomeranz were pitching more effectively this season. White throws a sinker and has a nice 56.9% groundball rate this season, which is perfect for Coors Field. Unfortunately both his strikeout and walk rates leave something to be desired and his ERA this season is 5.74 (4.49 xFIP).

The Mets will be sending R.A. Dickey to the hill. I trust I’ve written enough about him already. Dickey is still in the NL Cy Young race, so even if you’ve given up on the Mets, root for Dickey!

That’s all for now. Enjoy the baseball, everyone! Even if that means not watching the Mets (hey the Yankees are playing the White Sox tonight. Fun!).

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