The Subway Series is no longer a big deal

Yes, readers of the internet, it finally happened. The Mets became a bad enough baseball team that Citi Field was only around three quarters of the way full for last night’s 2013 Subway Series opener.

Only 32,911 fans turned out last night to watch the Mets get by the Yanks 2-1 last night. David Wright hit a home run, Brett Gardner made one of the best catches you’ll see all season long, and Daniel Murphy hit an RBI single in the eighth inning that was SO CLUTCH.

Still, the attention is on the empty seats at Citi Field, because even when the Mets do good, the media must focus on the bad.

Even with phenom Matt Harvey pitching for the Mets on Tuesday, the average ticket on the secondary market for Tuesday’s game costs $112.49. Last season, the average ticket on the secondary market for the three Subway Series games at Citi Field all cost more than $120. (In fairness, last year’s games were all on the weekend.)

There’s no mysterious economic force driving down demand to watch the Mets and the Yankees play. The Yanks, even as successful as they’ve been this season, lack the star power that has driven fans to lust over them in the past. The Mets are just terrible, and while they have been terrible for a while now, the past few iterations of the Mets have waited until July to swoon their way out of contention. Not so this season.

  • In 2009, the Mets were 31-27 before playing the Yankees for the first time that season
  • In 2010, the Mets were 20-22 prior to the first match with the Yanks
  • In 2011, the Amazins came into the New York derby with a record of 21-22
  • Last season, the Mets were a surprising 32-26 before playing the Yankees in early June

It’s no wonder the demand to watch the Subway Series has diminished so much this season. In those previous seasons in which the Mets were awful, there was still hope in May and June. That’s a big difference compared to this season with the team is mired in a season-long slump, even with Wright and Matt Harvey playing so well.

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