Yankees vs. Mets meet at Citi Field again

Terry Collins has dropped Ike Davis to eighth in the batting order against the right-handed Hiroki Kuroda. Strangely, Marlon Byrd is batting fifth.

Here’s the Yankees lineup:

The Mets get to see Reid Brignac for the first time this season, so that’s fun. What’s not fun is that Robinson Cano is batting second and not Jayson Nix. Joe Girardi thought he was Dusty Baker last night and batted a guy with a .600 OPS in the two hole, so of course Nix picked up a pair of hits and an RBI.

Hiroki Kuroda bombed in his last outing on May 22 with two home runs (five runs altogether) allowed in two innings. He left with a calf injury, which pushed this start back a couple of days.

Harvey is also coming off a lousy start, but it wasn’t as bad as Kuroda’s was. He allowed four runs in 6.1 innings while striking out six and walking three against the Reds. That’s almost a quality start! But seriously, we expect more out of the Mets’ ace and hopefully we’ll see it tonight as the Mets look for a third straight victory.

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