The National League East at the break

Here’s some fun stats and facts/opinions about the National League East teams and their performance in the 2013 season. The “fWAR” stands for “FanGraphs WAR.”

Atlanta Braves
Batting: .250/.324/.412 = .736 OPS is third in the National League.
Pitching/Defense: 3.29 ERA is second in the National League.

  • Brian McCann, with just 206 plate appearances, leads the team with 2.2 fWAR.
  • Evan Gattis and Andrelton Simmons both each have more fWAR (1.7) than the Upton brothers combined! It helps that B.J. Upton has negative fWAR for the season.

Miami Marlins
Batting: .233/.292/.340 = .632 OPS is 15th in the National League.
Pitching/Defense: 3.87 ERA is ninth in the National League.

  • What 20-year-old righty Jose Fernandez is doing at his age is pretty incredible. He’s got a 2.75 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, 103 strikeouts, and 40 walks in 104.2 innings so far. There are better pitchers in the NL, but all of them can drink legally in the United States.
  • The offense will be a lot better in the second half because of players like Marcel Ozuna (minor leagues), Giancarlo Stanton (injury), and Logan Morrison (injury) who haven’t played as many games as they could have.

New York Mets
Batting: .235/.303/.376 = .680 OPS is 14th in the National League.
Pitching/Defense: 3.85 ERA is eighth in the National League.

  • We know Matt Harvey and David Wright are awesome, but wow, Marlon Byrd has been a revelation. He’s batting .271/.316/.502 and is playing plus-defense in right field.
  • John Buck is still third among the team’s position players in fWAR (1.6) despite his .284 OBP and 25.6% strikeout rate.

Philadelphia Phillies
Batting: .257/.312/.402 = .714 OPS is sixth in the National League.
Pitching/Defense: 4.03 ERA is 11th in the National League.

  • The offense has been pretty good despite Chase Utely and Domonic Brown being the only Phillies with more than 1.0 fWAR.
  • The pitching has been bad despite the Phillies have a pretty good top three in the rotation. The bullpen has been dreadful, with a handful of players being at or below replacement level.

Washington Nationals
Batting: .241/.301/.385 = .686 OPS is 13th in the National League
Pitching/Defense: 3.58 ERA is fifth in the National League

  • Dan Haren has 81 strikeouts and just 17 walks in 93 innings so far, but his season has been a disaster due to his out-of-control BABIP (.330) and home run allowance (19).
  • Bryce Harper doesn’t turn 21 until October, and yet he’s hitting .264/.371/.522 with a .272 BABIP. If he can get that rate up to last year’s level of .310, Harper is going to mash, mash, and mash some more in the second half.
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