Carlos Beltran will be the next Mets manager

The Mets’ search for a manager really hasn’t been as long as Twitter has made it out to be. When deciding on the guy to lead the franchise into the future, it shouldn’t be considered crazy to take one month, which is approximately how long it’s been from the dismissal of Mickey Callaway until now. It just seemed to take forever because there was a constant stream of rumors along with a secret candidate and a separate but equally bad “bombshell” candidate. Then the guy that everyone wanted got hired by the Phillies.

The search is over now, though. The Mets will hire Carlos Beltran as the 22nd manager in team history.

Former WFAN host Sid Rosenberg isn’t known for breaking news, so when he does, you know it’s a big freaking deal. Either that, or the Mets have grown tired of leaking news nuggets to the same handful of reporters.

I don’t like the hire. I’d rather the Mets go for someone more boring but more experienced. I think I know how the Wilpons think, and Beltran fits in too well with what they want. He’s a former player who doesn’t want to grind it out in the minors or as a bench coach, so he’ll jump at any big league manager opportunity. That makes him easy to manipulate. At the same time, he’s a beloved former player, so fans will get excited by the move and buy tickets early in the season.

The Wilpons are about style over substance. They ‘d rather sign a big name and hope it works out than do some research and make an under-the-radar move while asking fans to trust the process. That’s because there is no process with these Mets. We saw that when the team traded for Marcus Stroman at the trade deadline and then traded away Jason Vargas a day later. You only need five starters in baseball, right?

The good news is that the Mets might luck out and have a good manager on their hands. Beltran is smart, level-headed, and respected in baseball. He at least has the ingredients to be a good manager. There are too many unknowns, though. Will he be tough enough on players that are still his peers? Does he know how to handle a pitching staff? Nobody knows, including the Mets. Just like the Giants drafting Daniel Jones, I have to just hope for the best with this move. At least with Jones, we know that Dave Gettleman wasn’t just trying to make a splash with fans. Beltran will have the splash that Joe Girardi would have had, but without all the World Series managing experience.

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