Dave Portnoy Emerges as a Surprise Mets Minority Ownership Candidate

Is this real life right now? I find myself asking myself that almost every day in 2020. Monday tested my grasp of reality once again as Dave Portnoy was mentioned in Mets ownership rumors as the Wilpons continue their effort to unload the cumbersome franchise.

Both Alex Rodriguez and Mike Repole are reportedly involved in the bid, and both have ties to Barstool. Rodriguez teamed up with Big Cat on a podcast and Repole was a featured panelist on Big Brain, a Barstool web series based on Shark Tank. With Portnoy trading stocks every day and bragging about how much money he’s making, it’s only natural for him to be in rumors as a minority stakeholder, but the really fun part is that Portnoy started the rumors himself.

The combination of Rodriguez, his wife Jennifer Lopez, and Portnoy as a possible ownership group has some Mets fans giddy with excitement. The group would bring not only a passion for baseball, but oodles of money and business savvy. What more could a Mets fan want?

That’s what I thought to myself, but apparently there are people out there who don’t like Portnoy. Amazing, right? I mean even Kevin Freaking Clancy is excited about Portnoy possibly buying the Mets and he’ll probably be the number one target of the mogul’s rage if and when something goes wrong.

Even if you hate Portnoy, you have to be excited about the possibility of the Mets spending on top free agents again, right? At least some of us won’t have our willpower tested if this somehow goes through. Like all Mets ownership news, I won’t believe it until the deal is completely sealed. We all remember what happened with Steve Cohen.

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