The First Animal Crossing Summer Update is Live and I Don’t Know Why Anyone is Playing Anything Else Right Now

Nintendo has been pretty good about updating its big titles since joining the 21st century and offering downloadable content. The Animal Crossing series for this since Nintendo can add fun activities and visitors as the seasons change. This summer, the company is promising two free updates, the first of which just dropped on Friday night in North America.

Holy cow. You can now swim into the ocean and collect non-fish organisms like anemones and whatever else lives on the ocean floor. Previously island exploration stopped when you got to the shoreline, but the ocean looks like a whole new world. Plus, there is a new friend and a new furniture collection to obsess over.

His name is Pascal and he is just cute as a button. Just like all otters, it seems Pascal is fascinated with scallops, clams, and the like. I bet he’ll have some sweet merchandise to trade if you get him the goods.

My favorite part of the update might be Gulliver’s new getup.

He’s a pirate now. Next time my boy’s crew leaves him stranded again, he’s coming back with a vengeance. I hope Gulliver makes all his “friends” walk the plank. I know I’ll be sure not to dawdle when collecting his communication parts in the future, or I could find my entire island plundered in short order.

So that’s a bunch of new stuff to collect, new furniture, and two (one and a half?) new island visitors. Not bad for a free update! Plus, there another one coming next month! If it includes Brewster and the coffee shop I’m going to lose my chill, and not just because Brewster demands you drink his java piping hot.

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