Mets get a big win, NBA will resume eventually

The Mets defeated Miami 5-4 last night thanks in part to seven strong innings from Jacob deGrom. He allowed a run, two hits, and two walks while striking out 14, but all anyone wants to focus on is the no-decision he was saddled with.

Aw bummer. Not another no-decision for ole Jake. Can’t blame him if he requests a trade! How about the fact that the Mets ended up winning anyway? How about the Mets being the team deGrom won back to back Cy Young Awards with? I’m all for ripping the franchise when it deserves to be criticized, but saying that deGrom needs to be freed from the Mets is lunacy.

Also I love how it’s just taken for granted that some athletes actually respect the contracts they sign. Mike Trout knew what he was getting into when he agreed to stay with the Angels for the next decade. Maybe I’ll root for him to win a title one day, but I’m not going to cry if he doesn’t get one. He signed a deal with the Angels. Now they have to deliver for him.

I guess that’s what makes baseball different than other sports, at least on a superficial level. NFL quarterbacks carry their teams to championships and NBA superstars are expected to do the same, but in baseball, the front office has to contract a full roster in order to win big. I still believe that the supporting casts of those NBA and NFL stars are vastly underrated, but top players in those sports still have more control of their destinies than deGrom and Trout.

Anyway, the Mets pissed away deGrom’s 4-1 advantage in the eighth when Justin Wilson allowed three straight singles to load the bases with one out. Edwin Diaz came in and struck out his first batter, but then let up a single to Jesus Aguilar and walked Corey Dickerson. Diaz threw three balls to Brian Anderson, but then left with a leg cramp and was replaced by Brad Brach, who finished the second bases-loaded walk of the inning to tie the game.

Fortunately, Wilson Ramos drove in pinch runner Billy Hamilton with an RBI single in the bottom of the frame to prevent a very sad ending. Brach shut the door and the Mets were back in the win column.

The good news keeps on rolling, though.

The NBA is back after less than 24 hours! I don’t know why they need another day off, but life in the bubble can be tough on mental health, I guess. I’m glad that cooler heads prevailed and we can get back to rooting for LeBron to cement his legacy as the second best player ever or fail miserably. I haven’t decided which one would be more fun yet.

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