White Sox Dave shines for HooliganZ in Litty Cup, Nintendo might announce remastered Super Mario games this week

Three members of the Barstool HooliganZ competed in Tuesday night’s Litty Cup, and you might be surprised by who came up with the most eliminations. It was the same guy who isn’t even an official member of the team and isn’t followed by the Barstool Gametime account. White Sox Freaking Dave!

Dave’s low kill/death ratio allowed him to team up with Sasquxtch, one of the strongest players in the field. Together with OldandRetired, their trio totaled 79 eliminations, which was good for 111 points and third place in the Litty Cup. A whopping 10 of those eliminations came from the often-mocked White Sox Dave.

The rest of the HooliganZ didn’t have so much luck.

General Smitty brings great intangible value to any team he’s on with his leadership and passion, but when it came to actually killing the enemy, he came up a little short. Smitty posted eight of his team’s 53 eliminations, and his trio — consisting of himself, bonzergorgon, and TouchPapa — finished in 15th place out of 22 trios.

Glenny Balls did better from a team perspective. He teamed with coletrainszn and J_L1T and finished 12th despite the trio scoring fewer eliminations than Smitty’s squad. Balls himself only contributed two eliminations to his team’s total, and it’s clear he’s having some trouble adjusting to PlayStation life.

Technically, Balls is only five times worse if you just go by eliminations last night, but to be fair it was a small sample size. The Goob King’s roster spot is secure thanks to his domination in Fall Guys, but you have to wonder if he’ll get passed on the Call of Duty depth chart should the HooliganZ finally make White Sox Dave official.

Meanwhile, we could finally be getting close to that big Nintendo announcement that we’ve been waiting for all year. The rumored Super Mario remastered games might be unveiled this week, according to Nintendo podcaster Nate the Hate.

We’ve still been able to enjoy video games since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and Europe earlier this year, but it’s clear that the virus has had an effect on the development process. I’ve been holding out hope for a major original title to be released by Nintendo before the end of 2020, but at this point I’ll settle for a Mario collection, especially if it features revamped graphics and lots of bonus content.

I’ve written before about how cool it would be to revisit Isle Delfino and Super Mario Sunshine, but Super Mario 64 might get the biggest glow-up of all the titles rumored to be involved. Think of how beautiful the blocky worlds would like after given a makeover in high definition. Plus, the game’s original release came before many of today’s gamers were born, as old as that makes me feel. It will be fun watching a new generation of fans react to all the Bullies and Whomps making Big Cat noises.

Yeah that’s going to be so sweet. Now all we have to do is wait for the official announcement. Any day now, Nintendo.

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