Mets are mathematically alive, Bill Belichick’s sweatshirt is profoundly sad

The Mets defeated the Nationals 3-2 last night at Citi Field, but I’m not sure that it matters. The most wins the Mets can end up with is 29, and both Cincinnati and Miami have that many already. Plus, San Francisco and Philadelphia are just one away. So… the Mets need to win their next three against Washington and need a lot of other things to happen in order to qualify for the postseason.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s late September and the Mets haven’t been eliminated yet! That’s… something. Let’s just forget for a minute that this team has a Cy Young contender and one of the best lineups in the majors in a year where half the National League makes the playoffs. Take away all that stuff and it’s pretty cool that the Mets are still technically in the running for the pennant.

The real good news from last night was David Peterson went seven innings and allowed just one run. He’s now allowed just four runs in his last three starts and it looking like a rotation mainstay. That’s a big help since we’re expecting the Mets to make major investments in the rotation this winter. Having a cost-controlled option like Peterson will go a long way towards rebuilding the pitching staff.

Should we really be distracting ourselves with thoughts of 2021 starting pitching though? It seems innocent enough, but as you might be aware, there are more serious things going on in this country right now. I had actually forgotten about all those things, but thankfully Peter King of NBC Sports was on Twitter to remind me.

PROFOUNDLY SAD. Those are actual words used to describe NFL fans making fun of Bill Belichick looking like a homeless person — okay, MORE like a homeless person than usual — at a press conference the other day.

I’m perplexed by King’s tweet. And I’ve seen a lot of perplexing things on the Twitter. The last time I checked Peter King was a football writer? Maybe he didn’t see it fit to write about Belichick’s insanely shaggy cut-off hoodie, but he for sure wrote about other football things like Russell Wilson’s MVP candidacy and the 49ers’ injury woes. Surely those topics are just as trivial as Belichick’s sweatshirt?

I’d argue that those other stories are more trivial because Belichick’s appearance could be a warning sign of a decline in mental health, which is in the front of everyone’s minds these days thanks to Skip Bayless.

ANYWAY, the point is that King writes about football for a living. By writing about football he is distracting from the “everything” that is happening in the United States right now. Therefore, King is part of the problem and, like seemingly everyone else in the sports media, he must stop writing about sports and remind everyone in the country of what is really important and precisely how they should feel about it.

Maybe King just has so much money that he’s forgotten that people thinking and blogging and tweeting about football is good for business? Must be nice.

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