The Crown Tundra DLC brings all your favorite legendary Pokemon to the Galar Region

I’m a bit behind on my Pokemon news because of all the mayhem in the MLB Postseason, but last week The Pokemon Company revealed a trailer and release date for the second batch of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield downloadable content. It’s called The Crown Tundra and it will be available on October 22.

Not only will players get to explore a new snowy region that’s packed with Pokemon not seen before in the Galar Region, but there’s also a way to catch the legendary Pokemon from all the other regions. Pokemon like Mewtwo, Suicune, Groudon, and Dialga can be encountered on Dynamax Adventures, which appear to be multiplayer quests that go deep into underground Dynamax dens. The trailer also shows new Galarian forms of legendary Pokemon we’re already familiar with. Specifically, the legendary birds from Kanto appear to be available in both original and Galarian forms. There are also at least two new “Regi” Pokemon in addition to those originally discovered in Hoenn.

This isn’t the first time that advanced Pokemon technology has allowed for legendary Pokemon from around the world to appear in one game. Something similar was possible in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, with a Sword and Shield only available on Switch, it makes sense for The Pokemon Company to bring back some of its most popular creatures again.

The Pokemon Home application allows another way for old-school trainers to bring legendaries to Galar. They can just import them from their original games. It takes a long, multi-platform process to transfer Pokemon from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS to Switch, but that might be worth it for those who have spent years training their favorite monsters. For those who don’t have an extensive history with the Pokemon franchise, the Dynamax Adventures look like a fun way to hunt down the most powerful icons of the past.

There’s also this mysterious guy:

There’s also this bad boy. Calyrex, the King Pokemon. It’s a mysterious Grass- and Psychic-Type Pokemon that is said to have ruled over Galar in ancient times. Has it returned from an eternal slumber to take Galar back from mankind? Do all Pokemon bow down to it? How does Mewtwo feel about having a king? There are so many questions that will undoubtedly be answered later this month.

So far it looks like there is a lot more to do in The Crown Tundra than on The Isle of Armor, and that’s great news for Pokemon trainers who are looking to hunker down and embrace horizon-shattering adventure this winter. It’s only a matter of time until every Pokemon ever discovered is brought to Galar, and the availability of so many legendary Pokemon is a big step towards that reality.

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