The Lakers win the NBA Finals, LeBron James campaigns against love

The Miami Heat had a great run in the NBA bubble as a plucky underdog that made it all the way to the NBA Finals. Erik Spoelstra is clearly one of the top coaches in the world, and Jimmy Butler is having his superstar status reevaluated. However, on Sunday night, the Heat’s story came to an end with a thud as they were bopped on the head by the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of the Finals. The win clinched the series as the championship for the Lakers, who now have 17 world titles in their glorious history.

I haven’t looked it up officially, but I can tell you that LeBron James won the Finals MVP award. He racked up a triple-double in the final game and got a lot of help from Rajon Rondo, who scored 19 points with four assists off the bench. Los Angeles won 106-93, but the game wasn’t even that close. This one was settled by the second quarter.

James now has four NBA titles to go with 10 Finals appearances and somehow only four MVP awards. It’s hard to argue that he’s not one of the two finest basketball players of all time. Off the court, he’s more than a little obnoxious, but he can do what he wants; he’s the champ. My issue with the James discussion is that sometimes people let James’s actions off the court influence their opinion of him as a player on the court. That’s only going to get more convoluted after his controversial comments on Sunday night.

Push FOR social injustice? For police brutality? For voter suppression? Against love and all that is good in this world? What happened to the LeBron James that I used to know. He used to love kindness, virtue and being a beacon of hope for all mankind (and womankind). Now he’s just another puppet on China’s strings. Very sad!

Speaking of sad things, sports business reporter Darren Rovell seemed to lose his mind as the final buzzer was sounding in Orlando. We all know how pointlessly dangerous it is to mix sports and politics, but Rovell jumped right into the fray in the not-so-subtle guise of explaining what motivated James to win his fourth championship and first with the Lakers.

Wow. Kobe and justice. Those are both very noble causes for King James. Voter registration, though? That’s a little dubious. I mean, it’s very important that we get as much citizen representation as possible in every election, but does it really deserve to be third on this list? Above LeBron’s hometown and the very city he currently plays for? The guy is still a basketball player; getting people to vote shouldn’t be THAT high up on his list of priorities.

But of course there is that very important election coming up next month. Seems like Rovell is trying to tell James that he should campaign for a certain candidate using his ever-growing platform? I’m not sure which one; I don’t know much about politics. Wouldn’t it be funny if Rovell wanted James to campaign for one guy and James ended up campaigning for another one? Because it’s none of Rovell’s business what James does with his platform.

LeBron has already chosen to campaign against love, anyway. Watch out for the anti-love party to make a late push in the polls.

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