Penn State basketball leaves us guessing again with mysterious game postponement

Penn State was scheduled to play a basketball game against Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon, but then it suddenly got postponed. The Nittany Lions probably weren’t going to win against one of the Big Ten’s top teams, but it was going to be nice to watch a sporting event on Sunday in which both teams were earnestly trying to win. There might be only one or two of those in the NFL this week.

Then again, maybe PSU head coach Jim Ferry isn’t trying to win with the way he is managing Sam Sessoms’s minutes. The Binghamton transfer finally cracked the 30-minute threshold against Indiana despite being a key cog in the Nittany Lion offense all season, and that was only because of overtime.

Hmmmm. No mention of COVID-19 or positive tests, just an “abundance of caution.” What the heck. We’re fans that support the program even though the best it can give us is an NIT championship here or there. We deserve to know why the game is getting postponed.

Who am I kidding? We’re Penn State basketball fans. We don’t even deserve to know why the coach who was one global pandemic away from making the NCAA Tournament last season was let go. It’s not like that move led to all of our 2021 recruits deciding to commit to other programs. No big deal.

Wisconsin released a similar message, but this one says that the Badgers will resume practicing on Monday. That makes it seem like the virus issue that shall not be named is on Penn State’s end.

Does this mean that someone in the Penn State program tested positive? Did someone’s roommate test positive? Is this game being postponed because of contact tracing? How did we get through an entire football season with nothing like this happening? There are so many questions and zero answers.

Update: Ben Jones of is reporting that the postponement was caused by two positive COVID-19 tests from members of the PSU basketball team.

According to a source, the positive test were not players who contribute meaningful minutes, in turn, while the health and safety of all student-athletes is important during the ongoing pandemic, any pending quarantine periods would not directly impact any on-court factors.

Would it have been so crazy to make that information public?

I’d say that this frees me up to watch the Giants play the Cowboys on Sunday, but that game will likely become moot as the Eagles are sitting almost every important player in their Sunday night game against Washington that will decide the fate of the NFC East.

Thanks for nothing, Philadelphia.

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