Penn State Reaches for Basketball Greatness and Mets Sale Falls Through

Penn State has a legitimate chance tonight to elevate itself to the top tier of the Big Ten. After rolling off four wins in a row — two of them on the road even — the Nittany Lions will take on Michigan State in East Lansing. Tom Izzo’s team is the most talented in the Big Ten, but it’s proven to be vulnerable. Just three days ago it lost at Wisconsin, but that might not be a good thing as it eliminates the possibility of Michigan State overlooking Penn State.

I don’t expect Penn State to win. Even during this winning streak, the offense hasn’t been very impressive. It’s hard to score consistently when Pat Chambers loves playing guys like Myles Dread and Jamari Wheeler who don’t contribute to scoring. Plus, Lamar Stevens has hit a plateau. After averaging 20 points per game last season, he’s only scored 20 points in a game once since November ended.

Penn State doesn’t have a guy like Cassius Winston who can score for himself and create for others. In fact, even Michigan State’s lead big man Xavier Tillman has more assists per game than any Penn State player. The Spartans may not be getting as much as they’d like from role players like Aaron Henry and Rocket Watts, but it’s still going to take a great defensive effort and a huge game from either Stevens or Myreon Jones for the Lions to prevail.

Being a Mets fan is all about waiting for the other shoe to drop. Today, we were hit by the ultimate stomach bunch as rumors surfaced that the Wilpons would not be selling the team to billionaire Steve Cohen.

Unfortunately, it was only hours before these rumors were confirmed by the New York Post and other outlets.

Sources close to the situation are confirming that the billionaire hedge fund manager is ending negotiations with the Wilpons on his purchase of an 80 percent stake in the franchise. According to those sources, Cohen is deeply unhappy with the Wilpons changing the terms of the deal at a very late stage and has decided to walk away.

What a disaster. The sale of the Mets was supposed to usher in a new era of unprecedented prosperity for Mets fans. Instead of nickel-and-diming washed-up veterans, the Mets would transform into a powerhouse capable of competing for every star free agent that hits the market. Cohen was going to be the man to put the Mets into contention with the Yankees in the battle for the New York fan’s heart.

Instead, the Wilpons screwed us over again. This is way worse than all the times they low-balled free agents or traded prospects for an over-the-hill second baseman or hired an agent to be general manager. For once it looked like the Mets had a real future, and the Wilpons ripped it away from us.

I think calling for fans to boycott a team is dumb because baseball is fun and we’re supposed to go to the game to root for the players and not the owners, but I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to go to Citi Field this season. Someone needs to send a message that the fans are fed up with how the Wilpons continue to run the franchise. Part of me thinks they started screwing with the deal when they saw people treating Cohen like a conquering hero on social media.

This is the last straw. At least most of the other stuff was baseball decisions and when you think about it a lot of teams make dumb baseball decisions. The Cohen thing is different because the long-term ramifications are a lot more severe than paying Bobby Bonilla a million dollars every year. I’m still not calling for that boycott, but Mets fans need to find a way this year to let the Wilpons know that enough is enough.

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