Wife’s Birthday and Penn State Winning Streak

We’re celebrating my wife’s birthday this year by eating bougie brunch, going boot shopping, and doing a wine pop-up called Rosé Mansion. The best part is that I get to watch zero college basketball games today. Well maybe half of one if you count the Xavier vs. Seton Hall game that was on behind my head in the NBA Radio studio this morning.

All I can ask for is that Penn State PLEASE beat Nebraska on the road. The Cornhuskers are clearly one of the two worst teams in the Big Ten this season and thus one of the only teams that I feel is very beatable on its home court. The Lions have had their duds on the road, like their blowout loss in Columbus and their dreadful come-from-ahead loss at Rutgers, but they have also won in Ann Arbor and at Georgetown.

Nebraska has some talent. Their lead guard Cam Mack is a versatile player who could start on any team in the country, but this is still a rag-tag group of transfers that figures to struggle over the final month of the campaign. Meanwhile, Penn State is rolling off of three straight wins. A loss tonight would kill momentum and feed our fears that Pat Chambers’s team is not going to perform when it matters.

Yeah it’s a strange time to be a Nittany Lion fan. I can get used to being on the good side of the bubble, though.

There might not be much time to blog before the Super Bowl, so I’ll say that I think the 49ers win 27-20. San Francisco has been a juggernaut lately and it just manhandles its opponents. Kansas City might have the sexier (not physically) quarterback, and he’ll make some plays for sure, but the 49ers kick all kinds of ass on defense and will force some mistakes. Even if the 49ers have more trouble running the ball than they did against Green Bay (pretty much a guarantee), Jimmy Garoppolo’s connection with George Kittle has proven to be money in big spots.

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