Who Won the First HooliganZ Community Gunfight Event?

The HooliganZ at Barstool Sports made history on Sunday afternoon by hosting their first 3 vs. 3 community gunfight. Smitty and Glenny Balls took on Muj and Hank with one fan from the community joining each side. Smitty and Balls got New Jersey resident Broboken while Muj and Hank teamed up with LikeButta.

The matches quickly went south for Smitty’s side, as LikeButta showed off his pro-level skills and Broboken proved to be ordinary by comparison.

Team Smitty ended up losing the first three matches 6-3, 6-0, 6-1 before the General took drastic action in an effort to turn the squad’s fortunes around. Smitty pulled the trigger on a trade that sent his rival Balls to Muj’s side and brought back the phenom LikeButta. Deeming the move necessary for team chemistry issues, Smitty hoped to get along better with the two Stoolies on his side than with the subordinate sidekick.

The deal paid off instantly, with Smitty’s squad rolling off five straight match wins before dropping the ninth match of the series. That would have given Smitty a 5-4 advantage, but the first match after the trade was invalidated due to Hank’s connection dropping. The decisive 10th match saw Muj, Balls, and Hank win 6-4.

However, the outcome could be debated. While Smitty was on the opposite side as Muj and Hank for all 10 matches, he was arguably handicapped with an inferior squad for the first three. If you look at the total stats for all 10 matches, it’s clear that whoever was on LikeButta’s side had a significant advantage.

Player Wins Kills Deaths Difference
Smitty 41 49 63 -14
Balls 31 59 67 -8
Broboken 41 28 63 -35
LikeButta 55 93 45 48
Muj 45 80 50 30
Hank 40 31 51 -20

If you look at K/D ratio, Muj and Hank combined are in the black while Smitty is in negative territory. You have to give a slight edge to Muj and Hank, but the real winner is LikeButta, who proved to be the X-factor and got to show off his skills in front of a large audience. For Balls, it was a disappointing outing, as he ended up with the fewest games won overall and was only on the winning side of matches twice.

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