HooliganZ Struggle in Boom.TV Code Red Charity Tournament

Any expansion team is going to experience its share of growing pains, especially one that has thrown itself into the fire like the HooliganZ of Barstool Sports. On Monday evening, Smitty and Glenny Balls took part in Boom.TV’s Code Red charity tournament, competing against some of the titans of the first-person shooter genre.

In the kill-race scoring format, the dynamic duo finished 36 out of 37 teams with just 42 eliminations in four hours. The team in 37th place had 0 eliminations, so I’m not sure they even showed up. Given the steep competition, it would have been rough sledding for Smitty and Balls even if they were on the same page.

Not great! Certainly brighter days are ahead for the HooliganZ, a team that probably needs to fill out some more roster spots with pro-level gamers if they hope to finish at the top of one of these tournament in the future. For now, they are still an expansion team, and that means lots of ups and downs, just like this incredible Balls sequence from earlier in the day.

Make sure you get in on the ground floor, because there’s nowhere for these HooliganZ to go but up.

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