Pokemon Makes Big Announcement: More Pokemon News Next Week!

I’m probably going to be a Pokemon fan for my entire life, but there are times when The Pokemon Company can be frustrating. Today was one of those days, as we expected big news, but all we got as an announcement that the big news will be coming next week, as well as a couple of smaller titles and a Pokemon Snap remake that it seems everyone is hyped for except me.

Maybe it’s because I remember playing the original Pokemon Snap when it came out. It was fun for a little while, but the on-rails gameplay didn’t leave room for exploration and the experience lacked depth. I’m sure the new experience on Nintendo Switch will offer more than the old N64 game did, but from the trailer it looks like the player will be on rails again while throwing apples and other items at photogenic Pokemon. I might end up buying New Pokemon Snap in the future because I’m such a big fan of the franchise, but I can’t say I’m over the moon with this announcement. Plus, there’s no release date yet.

The Pokemon Company also revealed a puzzle game called Pokemon Cafe Mix and a mobile app called Pokemon Smile whose goal is to motivate children to brush their teeth. I’m interested to see how many adults download Pokemon Smile just for themselves. I’m sure it will be booming on Twitch today, as the game is available right away.

I think the biggest news of the day is the news that everyone knew was coming: The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion, The Isle of Armor is now live. That means we’ll be able to rediscover a bunch of Pokemon that haven’t been seen before in the Galar region. Trainers will have a chance to catch the new Pokemon Kubfu and decide which version of the ninja bear Urshifu it evolves into.

With the second part of the DLC, The Crown Tundra releasing in the fall, I’m hoping that soon every known Pokemon will become available in Sword and Shield. That’s the thrill of Pokemon for me. Getting to explore new lands, meet interesting characters and train new Pokemon to the best of their abilities is what the main series is all about. Some of the other games like the original Pokemon Snap are lacking in those areas.

Based on how expansive these DLC regions appear, there’s still plenty of Sword and Shield excitement left to uncover. I’m going to need to refill my energy tank after staying up way too late watching Glenny Balls play Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Silver lining: that second clip has me thinking that Balls would be great at finding rare Pokemon. Some solid Poke Balls content might be what the world needs right now.

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