Everyone Panic at the Disco because the Mets got Blown Out and COVID-19 is Cancelling Baseball Games

Will baseball season make it to October? That’s what everyone is asking after two baseball games were postponed today due to COVID-19. The Orioles vs. Marlins and Yankees vs. Phillies games won’t be played in the near future because a whole bunch of Miami players came down with the virus. Baseball will still continue for now, but you have to wonder when Miami and Philadelphia, who played in a three-game series over the weekend, will be able to get back in action. If they miss too many games, it’s going to be hard to make all of them up.

The Mets don’t have a virus problem yet, but they do have a baseball problem. That problem is that the team is not playing very well right now. Luis Rojas’s boys just lost to Atlanta 14-1 in front of a national audience on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. The defense was so bad that Rick Porcello gave up seven runs in two innings without allowing a home run. But don’t worry, because relievers Corey Oswalt and Paul Sewald gave up plenty of those, including a bomb by Austin Riley that is still hasn’t started to come down.

The New York offense, meanwhile, has scored five runs in three games. I think the bats will come around, but I’m worried that it won’t be enough to overcome poor defense and a pitching rotation that has been hampered by injuries to Noah Syndergaard and Marcus Stroman. Hopefully Michael Wacha can throw some quality innings in Boston tonight and give fans hope that the back of the rotation won’t be a dumpster fire.

The Red Sox will be starting a left-handed “opener” named Josh Osich who is expected to give way to Zack Godley after one or two innings. Since Boston just dropped two of three games to the lowly Orioles, the loser of tonight’s game will have a one-way ticket to Panic City.

I heard Panic City is handling COVID-19 surprisingly well, though, so there’s that.

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