The Mets Win with Wacha, Virus Puts Marlins’ Season on Hold

Bad news first. The Marlins won’t be playing until Monday at the earliest because even more of their players tested positive for COVID-19 today. It sounds like MLB is okay with every team not playing exactly 60 games, and now the expanded postseason looks like a good idea because we’re less likely to have good teams miss out for virus-related issues.

The good news is that no Phillies players have tested positive even though they just finished a series against Miami. Hopefully they’ll be back in action soon. If the MLB can remain flexible and players can remain calm, we can have a baseball season.

And now we HAVE to have a season because the Mets finally got their offense on track. New York jumped out to a 7-0 lead in Boston last night and hung on to win 7-4 thanks to home runs by Michael Conforto, Pete Alonso, and Dominic Smith.

Plus, Michael Wacha looked pretty damn good. He got through five innings with four strikeouts, a walk, and one run allowed. Changeup was getting some whiffs. This was the performance we needed to feel a LITTLE good about the back of the rotation.

Which brings us to tonight as David Peterson makes his Mets debut against Matt Hall, another guy who hasn’t started in the majors before. It’s another lefty for Boston so I expect we’ll see a similar Mets lineup with smoking hot Amed Rosario leading off and giving Alonso a chance to drive in more runs.

If that happens, maybe Peterson get through his first start with a dub. Every game is even more important now that we know that a sudden outbreak can put everything on hold.

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