Mets season on hold, Reds announcer puts foot in mouth, Big Cat plays Fall Guys

I should have figured that the Mets would eventually get hit by COVID-19. I did my best to remain optimistic after the Marlins and Cardinals returned to playing baseball after lengthy absences caused by the virus. Just when we thought that we’d get all 30 teams playing at once, the Reds got hit with the virus, and now the Mets. Of course it happened just when the team was rounding into form. If you want a silver lining, maybe this time off will allow Michael Wacha and David Peterson to recover without games being played.

Also, we don’t have to watch Steven Matz pitch for a little while.

Hopefully everything goes well with the contact tracing and we don’t see any more positive tests. Still, based on other teams that had tests come back positive, the Mets probably won’t play baseball at all this weekend.

At least we still have NBA and NHL playoffs to watch. Besides the frustration of the Mets being put on hold, the one thing bothering me is all the fans on Twitter telling me that caring about the baseball implications of the virus is selfish and I should REALLY care about the health of the players and coaches.

They’ll be fine. I don’t know for 100 percent, but the odds are in their favor. Plus, if they were in really bad shape, we would have for sure heard about a player feeling ill and experiencing symptoms before the test came back. If a player is feeling ill, he doesn’t need a positive test for that to be a huge news story. I bet players have woke up after a night on the town with worse symptoms than what the Mets are dealing with now.

All these players are just stat machines to me anyway, so save it.

I guess it’s time to get the fantasy football league together now? Maybe write 1,000 words on why I kind of feel bad for Thom Brennaman even though he’s the biggest idiot on the planet. Seriously, who in their right mind says a word like that within a mile of a microphone? Or in a professional work environment even? Still, does it make sense to ruin a guy’s career over an incident that most LGBT folks will probably get over in few days? I know I didn’t want DeSean Jackson kicked to the curb after his anti-Semitic Instagram comments. Can’t wait to boo him, though, if sports are ever fully back.

Enough. One paragraph is plenty. Elsewhere, Big Cat started streaming Fall Guys yesterday and the results were not surprising.

I was NOT happy about being stuck at work during the gaming event of the century, but I am happy about Coach Duggs returning to the sticks in Goob form. Fall Guys is quickly taking over the gaming world, and I think it could become even more popular than Fortnite because of its simplistic controls and easy-to-follow action. Anyone can pick up Fall Guys and instantly know how to play without having to worry about aiming, building, looting, etc.

Fall Guys probably won’t grow a big competitive scene because it’s not as skill-based as first-person shooter games, but its potential for streaming and multiplayer is through the roof. Guys can play with their dudes, parents can play with their kids, girls can play with their… haha just kidding.

Just kidding about the just kidding because no one gets my sarcasm online. Girls are allowed to play video games. They are even good at them. Except my wife. She is AWFUL. I hate that I have to write this out.

Anyway. I’m excited to see where this Fall Guys train goes. Right now I have FOMO from not wanting to miss Smitty or Big Cat get their first win. Who will get it first? What does it mean for the HooliganZ? It’s must-see Twitch. And with the Mets on hiatus, there’s more time to watch bloggers play video games on the internet.

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