We’re probably not getting a major original title from Nintendo this year, but fun remakes are still on the table

Which Nintendo game will everybody be firing up this winter? That’s the big question that has been on my mind since E3 got canceled. Since then, Nintendo has announced Pikmin 3 Deluxe and a Pokemon Snap sequel, but the latter isn’t set to launch until 2021. The former is a remaster of a Wii U title. What I’m really pumped up for is the next Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC that’s coming in the fall, but that’s not even a full game.

We’re still searching for that big title that is going to move Switches and excite the fan base. Fortunately, news could be coming soon in the form of a Nintendo Direct, if the rumors are true.

What could we learn from a Nintendo Direct? We already think that a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is coming to Switch thanks to an Amazon UK listing, and there are expectations that Nintendo will do something big for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. That could include HD versions of titles like Super Mario Sunshine or the Super Mario Galaxy games.

The Galaxy series that came out for Wii is more critically acclaimed, but I would be more interested in seeing what Nintendo could do with Sunshine. The FLUDD mechanic, which saw Mario wear a water gun on his back at almost all times, gave the player more freedom and range of movement than we’ve seen in a Mario game. Sure, Super Mario 64 allowed Mario to take flight, but that was only for a limited time. With FLUDD, Mario could hover, blast off like a rocket, and run across water. There wasn’t just one way to complete each task.

Sunshine is an overlooked game in Mario history because of the brilliant titles that came before and after, and its story made it feel more like a quirky side quest than a full-fledged adventure. It also doesn’t help that every level is a beach level.

However, the game has its moments. Who can forget the a cappella renditions of classic themes in the old-school platforming areas? Or the crazy fun roller coaster in the amusement park level? How about beating the crap out of that Gooper Blooper for the first time?!

I’m always in favor of original games over remakes, but not everyone has a working GameCube. It might be time for younger fans to learn about the brilliance and weirdness of Super Mario Sunshine. I know I could use a refresher course.

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