Production Portfolio Update September 2022

Here’s some of the best stuff I’ve created lately.

During a gambling stream, Steven Cheah made some awkward comments to the blackjack dealer, and the resulting conversation was hilarious. This did pretty well on Twitter after Hank tweeted the video.

Amazing turnaround shot by MRags. Good example of using zoom and slow motion to enhance a video clip.

One of the most brutal blackjack beats I have ever seen. This one has been used in Barstool Casino promotions and got over 350,000 views on Twitter.

Everyone was focused on the “P00P” score bug, but I though the “W00P” score bug was even better.

Highlights of MRags battling dragons in Elden Ring.

PETA made a viral Elden Ring video, so I made a parody at MRags’s request with MRags battling various beasts.

MRags falling repeatedly in Elden Ring. The game’s difficulty led to some great frustration clips.

This sequence with Smitty and a blackjack dealer named Mojo was hard to believe and even harder not to laugh at.

Comparing the 2021 Mets disaster season to a helicopter ride with Smitty.

Megan Makin’ Money crushes some Astros predictions on Hot Ice.

Hot Ice picks graphic.

Graphic for Smitty and White Sox Dave reaction to The Dave Portnoy Show.

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