Why the Monday night Barstool baseball stream cannot be missed

Tonight is going to be a great sports night. Not only do we get to win money on the Broncos while watching them fail in spectacular fashion again, but the Yankees are playing in ALDS Game 5 against the Guardians and every Yankees fan in the world is on edge.

Let me explain that first part. The world knows that the Broncos are frauds and that Nathaniel Hackett is in way over his head. I believe the world will be riding with the favored Chargers even though the Broncos, because of their brilliant defense, always find a way to hang around games and make them ugly. Getting four points with Denver when we know they will hang around and lose by a field goal in the end feels like a very good bet.

Anyway, back to the Yankees. They looked like they were returning to glory all season, led by a legendary campaign by Aaron Judge. Everything was going according to plan in the ALDS until they blew a two-run lead in the bottom of the ninth of Game 3. Within minutes, a likely 2-1 series lead turned into 2-1 deficit and the Bronx Bombers were pushed to the brink of elimination by the dink and dunk Guardians.

Give the Yankees credit, though. Instead of wilting like my Mets, they bounced back with a huge win in Game 4 to send everyone’s destiny back to New York. Now, all of baseball’s attention is focused on the big, bad Yankees and the scrappy Guardians in one do-or-die baseball game tonight. Here are three reasons why the Barstool stream will be must-watch second screen viewing.

Marty Mush has guaranteed victory for the Yankees

Sick of all the complaining, worrying, and whining that makes Yankees fans sound like Mets fans, Marty Mush put his money where his mouth is and guaranteed a New York victory for tonight. It’s a risky maneuver, because the risk of backlash if the Yankees flop is greater than the benefits if they come through. However, I know why Marty did this and I’ve been in this situation before. He is already going to feel like a bag of balls if the Yankees lose, so why not make some internet content out of it? It’s not like a bunch of Twitter losers chirping at him are going to make him feel worse about the Yankees. He’s got people chirping at him all the time anyway. Plus, this is a great pep talk for Yankees fans.

Pinstripe Dan might show up

Pinstripe Dan is electric entertaining, and we got a taste of him over the weekend. Pinstripe Dan tends to have his hands full on Sundays, though, so I think we will get more of him tonight with the Pardon My Take Monday show in the books.

This was from Game 3 on Saturday night. Just think of how Tommy will react if the game is on the line in the eighth or ninth inning. He was already freaking out about Pinstripe Dan in the third inning of a non-elimination game! There is nothing the Yankees fans fear more than watching their team lose with Pinstripe Dan in the building.

The drama will be legendary

Yankees fans are already on edge because Jameson Taillon is starting and they don’t trust him one bit. On the other side you have Aaron Civale, who the Yankees hit well in the regular season. If they allow Civale to get comfortable, it will feel like a massive choke job, and everything could spiral.

Plus, you have a classic David vs. Goliath tale where the Yankees spent months dominating baseball and the Guardians have been overlooked as a plucky team in a terrible division. As Michael Kay said, the Yankees dominate the home run stat, and they should have dominated this series. In fact, Kay would have been right if the Yankees had just held on during Game 3, but Aaron Boone and his bullpen management is another thing that drives Yankees fans crazy.

Top reliever Clay Holmes never even showed up in Game 3 because Boone said he was reserved for an “emergency,” which is hilarious because what is a bigger emergency than needed to hold a lead in a pivotal postseason game? Instead, Boone chose to use Wandy Peralta and Clarke Schmidt to blow the game. The bullpen pitched well in Game 4, but another snafu by Boone will really set Yankees fans off.

The Yankees fans know what’s at stake. They know this is their best chance at that coveted 28th world title in a long time and they know Aaron Judge isn’t a lock to return next season. If they lose to this Cleveland team, everyone will be laughing at them and they’ll have to watch the rival Astros cruise to the World Series. If this game is close like the first four games of the series, every pitch will have a ton of weight on it and will be a blast watching the nervous Yankees fans lose their minds.

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