The Mets Fired Carlos Beltran and Jessica Mendoza Goes Hard at Mike Fiers

The Mets confirmed the inevitable today and agreed to “mutually part ways” with Carlos Beltran, the manager they hired just a couple of months ago. Beltran was mentioned by name in Major League Baseball’s investigation of the Hoston Astros sign-stealing scandal, but he was not punished by the league like AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow were.

I speculated yesterday that the Mets would no longer be interested in Beltran once he became a public relations liability, and here we are.

The Mets suddenly need a new manager, and Terry Collins is still lurking in the organization somewhere, so let’s roll that baby back. Dude has a real, actual, 100 percent satisfactual National League pennant on his resume, so why not? A lot of Mets fans are down on Collins, but the two managers hired since have been YUGE disasters. At the very least he can just man the helm for a year until more guys become available next winter. At the most, he’ll just lead the team to another pennant. No downside!

Anyway, since the Beltran news broke, even more sexy baseball scandal details have popped up on Twitter, most notably by an account claiming to be Beltran’s niece.

Thanks to Marly Rivera of ESPN, we know that the mysterious Twitter account is not related to Beltran or his family. Which brings the question, just who is this QT and does he or she have more inside information that shed light on cheating in baseball?

The plot thickens.

Meanwhile, Jessica Mendoza of softball and Sunday Night Baseball fame was making the rounds on ESPN this morning and hammering Mike Fiers, the whisteblower who blew the lid on the Astros.

I like Mendoza’s opinion a lot because because it’s not what we have been typically hearing from journalists and baseball “analysts” these days. Some people have been acting like the Astros are the only team cheating and that Mike Fiers is a hero for blowing the whistle. The one thing I don’t like about what Fiers did is that he benefited from the sign stealing as a member of the 2017 Astros. We didn’t get to hear about the sign stealing until he was off the team. If everyone in baseball knew about what the Astros were doing — as we are told is the case — why didn’t someone who was actually harmed by the cheating step up and say something? I appreciate Mendoza taking the player’s perspective.

Some players said suspicions about the Astros illegally stealing signs were a constant topic of conversation coming in and out of series in Houston dating as far back as 2016. Grievances were filed, one player said, and baseball did not act until the issue reached the public.

So maybe we did need Fiers to say something if MLB was doing nothing about the grievances. Still, the issue may have gone away on its own with guys like Cora and Beltran going to other teams and taking their knowledge with them. In the 2019 World Series, the Astros lost all four of their home games.

It wasn’t until afterwards that I was reminded that Mendoza still works for the Mets. I had forgotten because you never hear her name brought up when it comes to organizational transactions or decisions. I think it’s ridiculous that she’s allowed to work for both the Mets and ESPN at the same time. Anyway, Awful Announcing speculated that Mendoza’s comments were made with the purpose of taking some heat off of Beltran, but with Beltran being fired hours later, wouldn’t it make more sense for Mendoza to rip Beltran and make the Mets look like they are making an ethically sound decision?

I still think that Mendoza was being genuine in this case, but the fact remains that you have to take every opinion she has about baseball with a grain of salt because she works for a major league club. Any opinion on a player she has could be influenced by what the Mets are trying to do at the trade deadline or in free agency. Mendoza cannot continue to work for both ESPN and the Mets if anyone is to take her seriously.


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